Sun, Moon, and Rising Reading

This introductory reading goes into your sun, moon, and rising sign, which signify essential aspects of your personality, emotional nature, and social persona.

Personal Natal Chart Reading + Transits

This reading dives into the birth chart, exploring the innate gifts, talent, potential, and challenges unique to the individual. It also goes into current transits impacting the client, and what themes will play out in the year ahead.

Astrocartography for Career, Travel & Moving

This reading works with astrocartography, which maps the basic resonance of different locations based on the client's birth chart. Together, we explore the best places to build wealth, a family, spiritual travel, or where to meet romantic partners. This also includes a natal chart reading.

Relationship Reading

In this session, I read both partners' charts individually + transits and then their synastry chart.

New Baby & Mother Reading

This reading looks at the baby's birth chart and provides insight into cultivating the most nurturing environment for the baby's soul to reach its highest potential. We also read the mother's chart to see how the child and mother can best interact and grow together.

New Year Special - Discount Astrology Reading

This offering is a holiday discount reading and includes a deep dive into a client's natal chart and a look at transits for the year ahead. This is a perfect gift to welcome in 2024!

Solar Return - Birthday Reading

This reading looks at your solar return chart and looks at what the next year holds in store for you!